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English Course At The British Council

have you ever thought about learning English? Whether it is for working in an international environment, studying, travelling abroad, or just talking to someone who doesn’t speak Arabic, even a few words of English can open doors.

This course is aimed at helping you learn English that you can use practically, immediately. The focus is conversational language – the kind of language you use when you’re speaking – at an Elementary level, and there is special attention paid to useful phrases and vocabulary, as well as pronunciation.

Drawing on the British Council’s expertise in English language learning and teaching, the course uses short videos of a group of Arabic-speaking learners on a British Council English course, so you can see the kind of language they are learning. These videos will be presented and commented on by an experienced English language teacher from the British Council who, in Arabic, will highlight important points related to the language, and give you useful tips. You will then have plenty of opportunities to practice that language, in quizzes, discussions and by using specially developed software to help you remember new words and phrases.

What You Will Learn

  • 1. Spoken English you can use in common situations, such as talking about yourself, your habits and routines and your future plans.
  • 2. Essential vocabulary areas, such as numbers, and telling the time.
  • 3. Pronunciation tips, to help with difficult sounds, stress and other aspects of speaking English.
  • 4. Examples of how English differs from Arabic, which can be useful for your understanding.
  • 5. Tips on how best to manage your learning, to help you be more effective.


  • If you are just starting to learn English, this course is perfect for you, as it is aimed at beginner and elementary level learners. However, even if you are a higher level, it will give you some useful practise, and you will find lots of helpful tips!
  • Please note that the British Council follows a global Child Protection policy which means we need to clearly separate young learners (18 years and below) from adults in both online and face to face courses. Therefore, if you are 18 years and below, you will not be able to remain enrolled in the course.

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English Course At The British Council